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(Last Updated On: September 1, 2019)

Easy Underwriter is an online underwriting calculator which can help you to get Medical and Financial underwriting suggestions of LIC policies in few simple steps. Medical and Financial underwriting of LIC policies are becoming more and more complex day by day, owing to new categories and sub categories being introduced by LIC. Easy Underwriter, being an online software,is intended to help you in all situations and is also mobile optimised. If you are unable to view the calculator click here to load the html version of the page.

Financial Underwriting – Income multiples

Age GroupLess than 10 Lakh IncomeMore than 10 Lakh Income
Up to 35 Years25 times of Income30 times of Income
36 to 45 Years20 times of Income25 times of Income
46 to 50 Years12 times of Income20 times of Income
51 to 55 Years12 times of Income15 times of Income
56 Years and Above10 times of Income10 times of Income
(Average of 3 Years)(Average of 3 Years)

Underwriting of Minor Lives and Major students – Easy Underwriter

  • Maximum Rated up Sum Assured allowed is 200 lakhs subject to Parents Insurance and adequacy of Income.
  • With out matching parents insurance- with PWB 25 lakhs and without PWB 10 lakhs SA only allowed.
  • For major students  maximum TRSA allowed is 200 lakhs  with and without parents insurance.

Download Important circulars on Underwriting – LIC

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