Smart – All In One Calculator (Android App)

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Smart – All In One Calculator is an Android Application created by InsuranceFunda to help insurance advisors of Life Insurance Corporation of India. This calculator is designed in an easy to understand format with feature-rich presentations and illustrations. The pilot version of the application was approved by google and was launched in Google Play Store on 18th May 2020.

Features available

  • Premium calculator for all active plans.
  • Expected Maturity benefit of plans.
  • Tax benefits available on purchasing the plan.
  • All riders incorporated.
  • Settlement option benefit on maturity.
  • Sharing of PDF report to customers.
  • Graphical representation of benefits 
  • and lot more…

How the application works

Smart all in one calculator

Plans are displayed in different categories like Endowment plans, Whole life plans, Money Back Plans, Child Plans, health plans, etc. on the first screen. The plan has to be selected from here.

It will lead to another Data Entry Screen where customized options for different plans are provided to give the data for creating the presentation.

Details such as age, term sum, etc can be provided here. Rider details also can be provided here. After submitting all the details click the calculate button.

On clicking the calculate button the internal software will check all the details submitted and will alert you in case of errors. If the validation process is successful report will be generated.



Smart - All In One Calculator - Sections in the report

The reports have several sections which include an introduction section showing the customer details and details considered for the presentation. 

The second section is the premium section where premium details with applicable GST are shown for both the first year as well as subsequent years in separate heads.

The third section of Smart – all in one calculator report shows the Maturity Benefit calculations. Detailed calculation steps are also shown against each calculation. 

The maturity section provides calculations for settlement options, tax benefits, etc. if opted. 

The next session is a benefit pattern illustration which shows how the plan works with the help of a diagram. All the figures are automatically shown in the diagram as well. The summary of the plan is also shown below the image.


Easy drag and drop tool to compare LIC Plans

How the plan works section explains the details of the plan in simple steps which are easy to understand even to the novice.

Benefit and Coverage table

The benefit and coverage table is an important feature of the report. This section shows a detailed calculation of the benefit pattern of the plan.

The calculation shows age, the premium paid, the insurance coverage, and even the loan and surrender amount available for the plan. If the settlement option has opted the returns column will show that value.

Finally, a summary table is also provided.


The share option is also provided to send the created presentation to the customers. The profile of the advisor can also be updated from the edit profile button given below the presentation.

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