Premium and Maturity Calculator – LIC Jeevan Tarun (834)

Premium and Maturity Calculator – LIC Jeevan Tarun (Plan Number 834)

Jeevan Tarun is one of the most popular children’s plan released from LIC of India which can help you  to meet the educational or marriage expenses of of your child. Unlike other children’s plans from LIC of India, this plan is  more flexible. Money back options can be customised according to your expected money requirement during the education period of the child .

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Premium waiver benefit rider is also available under this planJeevan Tarun Premium and Maturity calculator

Premium and Maturity Calculator – LIC Jeevan Tarun 834 – How to use it?

This online premium and benefit calculator is intended to provide you a clear idea on the benefits available under the plan. The parameters required to be entered in the calculator are Age of the child and the type of Money back option you opt for.

Premium and Maturity calculator is provided with two different methods to arrive at the final calculations. You can select between the :

  1. Sum Assured for the plan
  2. Premium you can pay

Select the required option and enter the parameters accordingly. Now click on ‘Calculate benefits’ button.

A new window showing Premium for various modes including the service tax to be paid will be shown.

Below the premium charts you can see another button called ‘Show Insurance Coverage Table.’ 

You can click on this button to get complete details of the plan including Premium, Insurance coverage, Money Back available, Maturity amount etc.


Read More: Complete details of LIC Jeevan Tarun (Table 834)

Note# *The benefit illustrations shown above are just for understanding the basic details of the plan. Please go through LIC web site for more details. Bonus rates shown in the illustration are based on the bonus rates of Jeevan Tarun Plan for the last financial year. Future benefits could vary based on the experiences of Life Insurance Corporation of India from time to time.