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National Pension Scheme – NPS returns calculator. NPS is a retirement planning solution offered by Government of India. This scheme was launched in January 2004 for government employees but later opened for all sections in 2009. Since then, NPS has gained its popularity.

NPS pension calculator is an online solution to give you an idea of how much pension you can expect from your NPS contribution. Plan your contributions in such a way that you get sufficient pension when you retire.

If you are not sure of various options and technicalities of NPS scheme, read more on National Pension System – NPS – Things to know.

NPS Calculator -NPS at a glance

NPS calculator How NPS works
NPS – How it works?

Any individual whose age is between 18 years and 60 years as on date of joining of the scheme can join NPS. In fact, individuals can be either resident or Non-Resident Indians (NRI). Another key point is that in the case of government employees, your employer can also contribute towards your pension fund along with your investment.

How to Join  National Pension System -NPS Calculator

You can join NPS either by Online or by Offline methods.

  • Online Method

Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has created an online portal eNPS to help people to join NPS through online method.

  • Offline Method

However, in Offline method, NPS is distributed through authorized entities called Points of Presence (POP’s) and almost all the banks (both private and public sector) are enrolled to act as Point of Presence (POP) under NPS apart from several other financial institutions. You can find POP’s near you from here.

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