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LIC’s Jeevan Tarang (178) Details with calculators.

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2019)

LIC’s Jeevan Tarang (Plan -178) All details with premium, maturity, and benefit calculators. Jeevan Tarang is a specialized insurance plan from LIC of India which provides life long survival benefits at the rate of 5.5% of the sum assured. This plan is having a unique benefit pattern compared to other plans of LIC.

Please note that Jeevan Tarang (plan 178) has been already withdrawn from sales and is not available for purchase now. Here at InsuranceFunda, we are getting a lot of queries on the benefit pattern of the plan. This article is expected to clear all your doubts and queries abou the plan.

Salient Features

  • Jeevan Tarang is a whole life plan, which provides annual survival benefits for life, after the accumulation period, at a rate of 5.5% of the sum assured.
  • The plan offers three accumulation periods, 10, 15 and 20 years (Chosen by the life assured at the time of purchase of the policy).
  • The vested simple reversionary bonus is paid as a lump sum amount on survival to the end of the selected accumulation period.
  • Sum Assured along with Loyalty addition (if any) will be payable on the life assured surviving 100 years of age.
  • The Death benefit will be
    • During the accumulation period: Sum Assured along with accrued simple reversionary bonus.
    • After the accumulation period: Sum Assured along with Loyalty addition.
    • Before commencement of risk: Premiums paid will be returned without any interest.
  • Life long survival benefit, the bonus paid and the maturity amount (payable on death as well as attaining 100 years of age) will be exempted from income tax u/s 10(10D) of the income tax act.

Jeevan Tarang 178 – Eligibility conditions and restrictions

Jeevan Tarang (Plan 179)
Age at Entry0 years (nbd)60 Years(nbd)
Sum Assured1,00,000No limit
Premium Paying Term10,15 and 20 Years and single premium
Riders availableDouble Accident Benefits, Term Assurance and Critical Illness

How Jeevan Tarang Plan Works?

LIC's Jeevan Tarang - Pattern of benefits

In Jeevan Tarang Plan, the life assured chooses the accumulation period (10, 15 or 20 years) and pay the premium as a single premium or regular premium. After the premium paying term, the life assured receives all the accumulated bonus as a lumpsum amount.

Annual life long survival benefit, equal to 5.5% of the sum assured starts after the completion of the accumulation period. Death coverage continues throughout the life of the policyholder or 100 years of age (whichever is earlier). On death or attaining 100 years of age, Sum Assured + loyalty addition applicable is paid.

Bonus rates of Jeevan Tarang plan

You may be knowing that LIC shares its profit to its policyholders in the form of the simple reversionary bonus, which is declared after completing the valuation every year. The latest declared bonus rates for the Jeevan Tarang plan are as shown below.

Bonus Rates of Jeevan Tarang – Plan 178
Premium PayingTerm

10 Years15 Years20 Years
Bonus RatesRs. 47Rs. 48Rs. 49

Bonus Rates shown above are for Rs. 1000 Sum Assured. The declared bonus gets added to the policy account every year as and when it is declared.

For example, if the sum assured is Rs. 10,00,000 and the declared bonus is Rs. 49 the bonus amount added to that policy account for that particular year will be 10,00,000 * 49/1000 = 49,000.

Read more: Complete details of latest bonus rates declared by LIC of India – with charts and illustrations.

Loyalty addition rates for LIC’s Jeevan Tarang Plan

Loyalty additions become payable at the time of exit from the policy by way of death or maturity. As it is a one time payment, the rates declared will be applicable for the particular year of exit only. As per the 2019 march valuation the loyalty addition rates declared is Rs 60 per 1000 sum assured for the period up to death of 15 years and above.

Income Tax benefits – Plan 178

This plan follows Exempt-Exempt-Exempt model of taxation.

  1. Premium paid: Premium paid is eligible for income tax rebate under section 80C of the income tax act. The overall limit of 1.5 lakhs will be applicable for the exemption.
  2. The bonus Amount: The accrued bonus amount paid after the completion of the premium paying term is exempted under section 10(10D) of the income tax act.
  3. Survival Benefit: Survival paid every year after the completion of premium paying term also shall be exempted from income tax u/s 10(10D). Unlike the annuity payments in pension plans (with are taxable), the payments from Jeevan Tarang enjoys tax benefits even though the payments received are similar to annuities.
  4. Death Benefit: Death benefit is also exempted from income tax as in other insurance plans.

Read more: Maturity amount taxability of Insurance policies.

Jeevan Tarang – Premium and benefits online calculator

Jeevan Tarang – Plan 178 – Premium and benefit calculator can help you in understanding the plan better. Give your own details such as age, sum assured and select the term to get the calculations. Full calculations can be obtained by clicking the button provided below.

Example of benefits.

Let us consider an example of a person with details mentioned below purchasing a Jeevan Tarang policy to understand the benefits of the plan.

30 YearsSum Assured10,00,000
20 YearsPremium Payment20 Years

The benefits of the plan at current bonus rates will be as shown below. Please note that I have shown the illustration up to age 60 only and similar pattern will continue up to age 100.

Jeevan Tarang - Plan 178 - Example of benefits.
  • Accrued Bonus* amount of Rs.9,80,000 shall be paid at the end of the premium paying term of 20 years.
  • Survival rates at the rate of 5.5% of sum assured (Rs 55,000) will become payable thereafter every year up to death or 100 years of age, which ever is earlier.
  • On death or life attaining 100 years of age, Sum assured of 10,00,000 along with applicable loyalty additions also shall become payable.

If you have any doubts or have any queries, please use the comment section given below.

Anish L J

Anish L J is a 'Financial Planner' and member of Chartered Insurance Institute(CII), London and Insurance Institute of India. He is also a finance, insurance and software consultant. He thoroughly follows the developments in finance, insurance, and other related sectors.

65 thoughts on “LIC’s Jeevan Tarang (178) Details with calculators.

  • can u provide calculator for techterm plan

  • very good explanations

    • Thank You.

  • As per the policy, LIC starts giving Survival Benefit from the age of 40. When my policy completes the accumulation period before my 40 years of age. Would there be a benefit for the period of the age at the accumulation period and age of 40 years?

    • Please give your age, and term of the plan to give a proper explanation for your query.

  • Pretty clear information.

    • Thank You.

  • Dear Sir,
    This is wonderful piece of hard-work and well articulated one available in internet. Thanks much.

    I have few generic queries, my details as below

    Sum Assured = 15 lakhs
    Term = 20 years
    Payment made = 10 years ( 2010 to till 2019 – 10 years)

    1. Do i able to change the term from 20 years to 15 years and continue to complete the tenor to enjoy revised (?) full benefits
    i.e. 15,000,00 sum assured might be revised to 11 lakhs apx based on 15 years * 75000 instead of 20 years payment and so do my survival benefit

    2. Do we have any option to take out the entire money during end of premium paying term along with bonus instead of going for survival benefit. if so what portion of it we will get it.


    • You can reduce the term of the plan to 15 years but you will have to pay all the premium difference if any with the interest there off to change the term. Reducing sum assured and term simultaneously will not be possible due to technical difficulties.
      The only way to get the entire money back is by surrendering the policy. But that is not recommended as it can bring in a loss. Just think of the guaranteed, tax-free survival benefits available for life long in the current scenario of dwindling interest rates.

  • Thanks a lot sir.

    I will check the possibility of reducing the term of the plan to 15 years as per the suggestion and stick to the survival benefits instead of surrendering the policy.

  • Thank you very much for the clear information…!!!

    Sir I have policy started in 2008 for INR 10 lakh Accumating period is 15 years my premium amount is 17537.

    I can see a bonus of 526000 added to the policy. My age is 37 as of now.

    My question is should I surrender the policy after accumation period of 15 years.. If so what would be the rough amount that I will get apart from the bonus. And what would be your advise to me.

  • I have joined in 2006 & my ave was 32years then & sum assured is 100000 term is 15 years please explain details how much will be got me after maturity

    • Please use the calculator provided in the post itself to get the maturity benefit pattern of the plan. You will be getting the total bonus added to the policy on 2021 and 5500 per year every year thereafter. You will be eligible for a life long coverage equal to the sum assured and final addition bonus also.

  • Sir,
    My policy accumulation periods ends in 2021,premium per year 48001,sum assured is 450000 and term is 10 years.If I close the policy after accumulation periods completion how much amount I shall get?

    • The entire bonus accrued in the plan is payable at the time of maturity of the plan. As per the current rates, it will be approximately 2,11,500 for your policy. The survival benefit of 24700 shall be payable throughout your life. Death benefit includes sum assured and final addition bonus. Surrender of the policy will give you a portion of the sum assured only. You can get the value from the nearest LIC branch office.

  • I had purchased jeevan tarang 178 policy of 10 lac 0n 28-07-2013 and paying 35906 half yearly premium continuously and now i want to surrender the policy after accumulation period of 15 years. whether i will be given 10 lac plus accured bonus or any other hidden deduction is to be made out. I do not want to continue life long policy and wants to quit after 15 years please tell me amount to be paid to me. pl don’t ask me to get calculations as per your chart. tell me exact amount payable

    • On completion of the accumulation period, you will be paid all the bonus accrued in the policy which will be around 7.2 lakhs as on date. You can surrender the policy after that but we do not publish surrender value of policies in the web site as it is against the policy of InsuranceFunda. Please get the value from the nearest LIC branch office. Well, the greatest advantage of the Tarang plan is the tax-free, guaranteed survival benefits throughout your life and life long coverage. Think twice before surrendering it.

  • Dear Sir,
    Please confirm me that after death of survival person(when a person’s is taking survival amount yearly), survival benefits (5.5%) will be transfer to his wife or not.

    • On the death of life assured, the policy stops and entire bonus along with Sum Assured is paid to the nominee. No survival benefit is paid thereafter as policy is closed..

  • Sir I have jeevan tarang policy with 100000 sum assured. 2023 is my last premium. How much I get after maturity.

    • In Jeevan Tarang policy at the time of maturity Entire accrued bonus in the policy account is paid. You can get the maturity amount of the policy using the calculator provided on the website itself. Please use it. if you have any doubt please let me know.

    • Please use the calculator provided here to understand the maturity benefits of your policy.

  • Hi sir in case of jeevan tarang 178 policy can i get total sum assured and bonus after paying the last installment .i.e. after 20 year plan if i donot want to take 5.5 percents of sum assured every year

    • You cannot get the sum assured of the Jeevan Tarang policy normally after the maturity as the plan is designed to get the sum assured and loyalty addition at the time of death of the policyholder. But you can surrender the policy, but it will be a loss. You can get the surrender value from the nearest LIC branch office.

  • Sir,
    For 20 years with double accident rider my premium is Rs 51811. But your website calculator shows a much lesser amount Rs49220. please clarify

  • I has been received loan Rs.54000 against policy no.973362728, interest paid regularly per year.i want closed lone amount adjusts in bonus .please advice me

    • The loan amount will be automatically adjusted from the money-back amount if the money back is available. The loan cannot be adjusted from bonus which is payable at the time of maturity only.

  • Sir,

    I want to exit from LIC Jeevan Tarang Insurance.
    Policy Term – 20 years (Bought in 2008)
    Sum Assured – 5 Lakhs
    Annual Premium – 24110
    Continued – 13 years

    Kindly let me know how much I’m supposed to get on surrendering this policy.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Jeevan Tarang is an excellent policy that guarantees 5.5 % of sum assured for life, apart from the bonus amount paid after the premium paying term. Additional loyalty addition eligibility is also there during life long annuity period. You may be knowing that interest rates are coming down year after year and nobody is willing to provide any guaranteed benefits in the current scenario. It is not wise to surrender such a policy, especially in this COVID period.
      If you still want to surrender the policy you can get the value from the nearest LIC branch office. But that is not advisable.

  • I started jeevan tarang 178 in 2013 when my age was 26. I pay 35k annual premium. My premium payment period is 15 years which will get ended in 2028. How much lump sum money i will get in 2028?

    • Please use the calculator provided in the post itself to get the expected maturity amount.. if you have any difficulty in getting the amount please let me know..

  • Please calculate my Jeevan Tarang policy after ending my premium .My policy status as bellow:-

    Sum Assured- 3 Lakhs.
    Policy term- 20 Years.
    Commencement Date- 02/02/2009.
    Premium Ending Date- 02/02/2029.
    Yearly Premium- 15066.00

    • Please use this calculator to get the details of Jeevan Tarang policy. If you have any difficulty in using the calculator please let me know.

  • Hello Mr. Anish,
    I must appreciate all your hard-work and the wonderful explanation you have brought for us for our Jeevan Tarang Policy. So far I haven’t find any place where can we get such a crisp clarity on this Policy. Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your great words of appreciation.

  • Is it possible to close this after completion of its tenure(say 20 yrs) and get the money in lump sum along with vested bonus accumulated ?

    • For that, you will have to surrender the policy and you will be entitled to surrender value only. That can bring in a loss for you as a portion of the sum assured will get deducted while surrendering.

  • Any live chat available to understand better

    • A live chat facility is not available. You can post your queries here.

  • Hi Sir,
    I have jeevan tarang policy in which yearly premium is rs.10044, premium paying term is of 20 years. The policy was started when I was 18 years old. My question is how much amount will get at the end of 20 years (primium paying term) and after that with 5.5% rate how much amount will I get on yearly basis? And at the end of 100 years?

    • On the 20 th year approximately you can get the sum assured as per the current bonus rates. It seems your policy is for 2 lakh sum assured and you will receive 11000 per year as survival benefits.

  • Hi anish,
    I had jeevan tarang policy started in 2013 for sum assured of 5 lakh for 20 years paying. Which is best option if I surrender policy today or I surrender it after paying term.

    • To be frank the best option is not to surrender the policy as it is like an ‘Akshaya Pathra’ Providing guaranteed life-long income benefits at 5.5% and Life long insurance coverage (which includes huge loyalty additions) free of cost. You may be aware that bank rates are dwindling at fast pace.

  • Hi Anish,
    Thank you for explaining the policy in details, many of my doubts clarified after going through this.
    Regarding Bonus (after the Premium payment term) it is 47,48,49 rupees per 1000/- for 10,15,20 years respectively. Is it going to be constant or can vary ? If it is a Variable how can i get to know the present value.

    • The bonus rates can vary in the future depending on the experiences of the corporation. Current rates are 43, 44, and 45 respectively as per the latest declared rates of 2020. It was after several years the rates were changed by LIC in the current year.

  • I have a policy Jeevan tarang, here are the details
    Sum assured- 2500000
    Premium – 127705
    Date of issue – 22.06.2007
    Date of last premium – 22.06.26
    Date of maturity – 22.06.63
    What will I get after last premium payment
    I want to get the whole details about this.

    • After the completion of the premium paying term, you will be getting the total bonus accrued in the policy. Life-long survival benefit @ 5.5% of the sum assured also will be available annually. Please use the calculator provided in the post itself to get a clear idea of the plan.


    • Please use the calculator provided in the post itself to understand the benefits of the plan. If you have any difficulty please let me know.

  • Even After completing 20 yrs , it will be consider as surrender ? Please suggest.

    • Jeevan Tarang is designed in a special way. You will be entitled for life long guaranteed income @ 5.5% per annum and life long insurance coverage. It really attractive as even the fixed deposit interest is below that. Well if you do not want this facility you will have to surrender it.

  • Sir I have a doubt about jeevan tarang plan, what will happen if not paid premiums complete term we stopped paying premium before 3years of the term.

    • Minimum three years premium has to be paid to get paid up status for the policy. If the policy does not have paid-up status nothing will be payable. and policy will be completely null and void.

  • Hi, Good day. I have Jeevan Tarang policy of 3 Lakhs and getting accumulation period (15 years) completing by end of this year. Can you please let me know how much amount will I get? with and without surrendering? Also, can you please let me know when I can expect the amount

    • Please use the calculator provided in the post itself to understand the indicative maturity amount.

  • hi, i took jeevan tarang policy in 2011 for 750000/ paid regular monthly premiums, pl send me calculations, my agent said that time that intrest rate will be 7.5 percent . what is bonus now paid . pl get me calculations.

    • you can use the calculator provided in the post itself to get an indicative maturity amount figure. Well, LIC bonus rates are not declared in % values. It is declared as the bonus per 1000 sum assured per year. The latest bonus rates are 43, 44, and 45 per 1000 sum assured for 10, 15, and 20 years term respectively.

  • Hello Anish,
    I opted plan 178 . period not aware, but yearly premium 59064 since 2013. I am not getting clear idea what is maturity amount in hand. Also receipt says plan is 178, term is 70. What is meaning ??? Term is max 20 years only na ? That way this figure 70 am not able to relate anywhere…

    • Plan 178 or Jeevan Tharang is a special type of plan where only the total bonus accrued in the policy account shall become payable after the completion of the premium paying term. Thereafter throughout life or till 100 years of age 5.5% of the sum assured shall become payable. Life-long coverage also will be available. As survival benefit and lifelong coverage are available till 100 years of age, the term is shown as 70 years. It seems you have taken the policy at the age of 30 years of age.

  • dear sir,

    i took policy in 2013 for 1000000 for 20 years.

    please let me know that can i increase the policy amount to 3000000.

    • Increasing the risk coverage is not possible in a policy contract. The only thing possible is to take a new policy for the required additional sum assured. Please remember to give the details of the old policy while purchasing the new policy.

  • My last premium paid date is 15.12.2022. Sum insured is Rs. 1 Lakh. If I surrender my jeevan tarang policy after 15.12.2022, how much amount shall I get?

    • Please contact the nearest LIC branch office for surrender value. By the way, Jeevan Tharang is offering better life-long return than Fixed deposits.

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