HDFC Click 2 Wealth Calculator

HDFC Click 2 wealth -Premium and benefit calculator. HDFC Click 2 Wealth calculator can help you to understand the benefits of the plan in simple steps by entering your own details. This online calculator will provide you information on maturity benefits, insurance coverage pattern, optional benefits and other benefits.

Invest plus option of hdfc life click 2 wealthMaturity Benefit shall be available at the end of the term chosen by the policyholder. The benefit amount will be the fund value available at that time and is arrived by multiplying the number of units available with the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund.

In case of Proposers unfortunate death, all future premiums will be paid by the company. The Policy continues with risk cover for Life Assured and the accumulated Fund Value is paid on Maturity. On the death of the Policyholder, the Life Assured will become the Policyholder.

This plan option offers you the solution to build your fund value while also having life cover for the whole of life (till 99 years of age). Option for a systematic withdrawal facility is there to generate recurring post-retirement income from your accumulated fund.

HDFC Life -Click 2 Wealth Calculator - How to use

Click 2 Wealth calculator is created in an user friendly manner to make the calculation easy. Provide age and select the investment option from the drop down list as given below.

  1. Invest Plus
  2. Premium Waiver
  3. Golden Years Benefit

Now enter the premium and term details as shown in the image.

click 2 wealth calculator

Note* this calculator is intended to help the users to understand the benefit pattern of the plan in simple steps. Please visit HDFC website for more details on the plan.

Select Scenario for comparison. Following scenarios are available.

  1. 4% investment return
  2. 8% investment return
  3. Past experience of the fund
  4. Any assumed return rate

After selecting the scenario click the calculate button to get the entire calculation in a tabular format.

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