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LIC’s Arogya Rakshak Premium Chart/Calculator

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Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), released an all-time best, fixed benefit, health insurance plan on 19th July 2021. The time of the release of the plan was aptly selected by LIC as a large number of people are affected due to the Pandemic attack of the covid 19 virus.

Arogya Rakshak Plan offers several benefits to the policyholders such as Hospital Cash Benefit (HCB), Major surgical benefit (MSB), Day Care Procedure (DCP), Other Surgical benefits (OSB), Quick Cash Facility, Medical Management Benefit (MMB), and Extended Hospitalization Benefit.

You can read complete details of LIC’s Arogya Rakshak plan in this exclusive article.

Now you may be curious about how much premium will be required for purchasing LIC’s Arogya Rakshak (Plan 906) for your family. Arogya Rakshak premium calculator is an online premium and benefit calculator for Arogya Rakshak Plan where you can calculate the premium required for your family very easily.

Arogya Rakshak Premium Calculator

How to use Arogya Rakshak Premium Calculator

Follow the instruction to calculate the premium and benefits of the Arogya Rakshak plan using – Arogya Rakshak online premium calculator.

  1. Select the number of persons to be added to the calculator. ( This calculator can be used to calculate up to 8 members)
  2. Select the mode of payment (Yearly or Half Yearly
  3. Add the details of the principle insured(Policy holder) (Age, Gender and Initial Daily cash benefit)
  4. If more members are to be added, Click on add details check box for the member and give the details
  5. Once all the members are entered click on Calculate premium button to calculate the premium details.
  6. Click on Show Benefit Calculation button to calculate the benefits
LIC's Arogya Rakshak premium calculator

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