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LIC redesigns eServices and launches Premier Services

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LIC of India has completely redesigned and revamped its popular eServices portal for customers and launches ‘Premier Services‘ to offer streamlined services. One major change with redesigned eServices is that Aadhaar or PAN number has been made mandatory to access the portal. The newly designed portal offers easy navigation with better user experience.

Let us have a look at the major changes and the functionalities of the new e services portal which includes newly launched Premier services also.

How to login to LIC eServices portal?

LIC eServices portal is available at LIC of India’s website ( and can be accessed using the link ‘Customer Portal’ provided prominently in the home page. On clicking the link you will be taken to a new page where you can select the options ‘New User’ or ‘Registered User’. Select the option applicable for you.

How to use LIC eservices and LIC premier services

New Users – How to register for eServices ?

In order to enable ease completion of registration process for eServices, it is advisable to keep following information handy.

  1. Policy Number
  2. Instalment Premium
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Mobile Number
  5. e-mail ID
  6. PAN / Aadhaar number

LIC eServices and LIC Premier services New user registration

Enter the information as shown in the info gram shown above. All the fields marked with * are to be filled promptly. Either one of PAN or Aadhaar number is mandatory for new registration. Instalment premium does not include the service tax or GST if any, paid along with the premium. Click on ‘Proceed’ button once all the fields are filled.

Select ‘username’ and ‘password’ of your choice and complete the registration process in the next screen.

View this video tutorial to understand more about LIC’s eServices and premier services.

Existing users – Changes in eServices

Customers who have already registered for eServices earlier can login to new eServices portal using their existing username and password. But the login interface has changed which requires you to give your date of birth also along with the user name and password.

LIC e services and premier services existing customers

When you login for the first time to the portal you will be prompted to give your Aadhaar or PAN number to proceed. Aadhaar or PAN number provided once is automatically stored in your profile and you need not enter it again in future logins.

LIC Premier Services – What is it ?

In the new eServices portal, LIC of India offers two levels of services.

  1. Basic Services
  2. Premier Services

Basic services are available for all policy holders who register for eServices while Premier Services are available only to policy holders who undergoes premier services enrolment procedure. As eServices can be availed for the policies of self, spouse and minor children, Premier services can be availed only for policies of self and minor children.

LIC eServices vs LIC Premier Services facilities offered

Update: LIC has started Online Loan Processing and Repayment through e Services Portal. Read more on how to take and repay ONLINE loan from LIC.

LIC Premier Services – How to register?
  1. Click on the Premier Services ‘Register Now’ button
  2. Click on Proceed to “Generate Registration Form”
  3. Print the form, sign it and upload the scanned image of the form
  4. Upload identity proof (PAN Card / Aadhaar Card / Passport)
  5. After verification by LIC, an acknowledgement e-mail and SMS will be sent to you.
  6. Now you are ready to avail the Premier Services.

LIC Premier Services how to enroll

uploading of the documents are to be done through the “upload and submit documents” option available.

Note# The file size of the scanned image should be less than 100 KB and the image has to be in any of the following formats: .bmp, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff. Please don’t crop out any part of the image and avoid blurred image.

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139 thoughts on “LIC redesigns eServices and launches Premier Services

  • Is it possible to cancel all ECS with my LIC policies through eServices? The problem is my ECS registered with LIC does not work and I have to pay premium with extra charges. I had given request to cancel my ECS due to this. But they have not done so in spite of my repeated requests.

    • Dear Nandan, You cannot cancel your ECS through eServices. Cancelling ECS requires mode change and that can be done through the branch office only. Further for your information, LIC has shifted from ECS to NACH which is a more efficient system. If you want, you can register your policies on NACH by filling a NACH mandate form and submitting it along with the bank ID proof. IF you want to know more on NACH you can use this link. NACH – everything you should know.


    • No charges are involved in using LIC Premier services

    • why i should register for premium services

      • Many advanced options under e services like online loan, viewing proposal forms and more are available only through premier services.

  • Hi,
    I registered for the premier services 2 weeks back and the status is showing as Published. What does it mean? is my premier services ready to use or its still not been approved?

    • Your premier services is approved. please try using the options.

  • Hi, I have registered with LIC premier services and uploaded all the required documents and the status is showing PUBLISHED. But when i take Premier Services on the Portal it is still showing the message “Premier Service is Mandatory to access this service”

    • Dear Felix, Please contact Customer Relations Manager of your division to resolve premier services related issues faster.

  • thanks for information , i have enrolled for Premier Services it display status as PUBLISHED after uploading form,what is the meaning of it and when i click on Premier Services in left side menu,it display alert massage “Premier Services registration is mandatory ” even after registration completed.

    • Hi Madan Raut, Generally it will take few more days after uploading the documents to get ‘Premier Services registration’ active. Please wait for on week and see whether it is working.

  • Hi I am registered with the e service of LIC. I registered but there was a delay in uploading the documents and now that the status is “REQ_EXPIRE”.

    What should i do to upload the documents now. Please help

    Aneek datta

    • Try to do the process once again..

  • Thankyou sir for your reply. But the Registration button is Deactivated, Not able to Generate form etc


    • Anish Ji,

      Any suggestions further


      • Please contact customer relations manager of your division to resolve it.

  • HI Anish,

    When i clicked on Register Now button it is showing message as “Please verify your mail and mobile number to register for premier services”. Can you please provide me details for how to verify mobile and mail id.

    Naga Sai

    • Please check your e mail Id for a mail from LIC. Please follow the instruction in the mail.. Similarly check your mobile for a message.

  • Hi, When i was trying to register Premier services, i have been asked to verify email id and mobile number to register for premier services, but i did not find any option to verify them. Could you please help?

    • Please check for a mail from LIC in your inbox.

      • Hi,

        I do got a email confirmation for premium services. But the link expired in 3 days.. Now how to register for premium services?

        • Try to start the process all over again..

  • On old LIC portal, it used do show total accumulated bonus for each of policy. Where can I see that in the new portal?

  • I also want to register for premier service but on clicking button I am getting message ” Please verify your email I’d and mobile number” although my email I’d and mobile number is correct but did not get any message from lic after login the new portal.

    • Please check all your email inbox tabs such as spam and promotions for a mail from LIC.

      • Checked all the folders like spam and other folders as well. Neither got mail or SMS. There must be a link to send the verification mail and SMS again n again if user did not get it. Seems there is a lack of functionality.

  • I also want to register for premier service but on clicking button I am getting message ” Please verify your email I’d and mobile number” although my email I’d and mobile number is correct but did not get any message from lic after login the new portal. Checked all the folders like spam and other folders as well. Neither got mail or SMS. There must be a link to send the verification mail and SMS again n again if user did not get it.

    • Naturally the mail should come. And sometimes there is a delay also. Please check the folders after a day or so. If e mail verification link is still missing then it could be a technical error. Try to do the process once again.

      • Can you please tell me, how can we process it again? I do not see any link on website.

        • Can you tell at what stage of registration the you got problem…

          • I logged in as registered user with my old user Id, password and DOB. Then on next screen it asked about Aadhaar number or PAN card and some other details like mobile no. Email id etc(as I remember), I entered all the details except Aadhaar number. After that I was able to login. Now whenever I am logging , no such screen is coming. So not sure how to verify email and mobile number now. This seems as bug for old users.

          • Waiting for response of my previous comment that was on Oct 7 2017.

  • While registering the LIC’s Premier asking for verify Email address and mobile number..can you please help us how to verify that.

  • I have registered for LIC premium Service and Status is Generated.In how many days , Service will be activated for use?

    • It depends on how fast your account is verified by LIC. It can take a period any were between a couple of days to more than a week.

  • Reply to my question as well. Did not hear from you.

  • When I am going to enroll myself in premier services,I face a problem – after clicking on the generate registration form tab,it is shown that not eligible and reason is here service request under processing.Now please let me know how can I recover that.

    • Have you already tried the registration process earlier? If so up to what level you have done it?

  • Premier service has a lot of issues for existing users. Not able to verify my email and mob. no. Mentioned the issue but did not get the proper answer.

  • Premier service registration is really problem for already existing users. As I am try to click on register button it is saying please verify you mail and mobile number. Mail confirmation link sent. I went to my mail and successfully verified my mail id but I am not getting any link in my mobile as such I am unable to premier services

    • It seems there is some bug in the registration process. Hope LIC will rectify it soon..

    • You will have to contact LIC branch office to make corrections in your name..

  • sir can you tell me lead time of primer services after submit documents.

    • Normally it takes around 10 days..

  • Sir,

    On uploading the registration form and KYC status show as ” PUBLISHED” what does it means ?

    • Wait for the verification process to get completed..

      • Sir,

        Normally how many days it will take for verification, whether any confirmation mail will be sent by LIC, how the status can be verified.

  • Do I need to enroll separate Premier Services for myself & spouse?

    • As eServices can be availed for the policies of self, spouse and minor children, Premier services can be availed only for policies of self and minor children. You will have to enrol separately for you and spouse.

  • are the newly launched “LIC’s Premier services” chargeable or free of charge for all users subject to registration?

    • LIC’s Premier services is ‘free‘ for all users subject to registration..

  • Hi Anish.

    i tried adding my Spouse with policy number but am getting error.
    could you tell me if i can add my spouse to the same profile that i maintain for myself.
    Moreover i registered for Premier Services but it has been more than a week and it is still not processed.

    • Please note that eServices can be availed for the policies of self, spouse and minor children where as Premier services can be availed only for policies of self and minor children only.
      The processing of the premier services can take a couple of weeks as of now. please wait to get approved by LIC.

  • Good information provided by the Author. THank you sir.

  • i am trying to register for premium services – it shows as published – what it means

    • Wait for few days to complete the verification process at LIC’s end.

  • Its been over 3 weeks premire service request is still in published state. No action from LIC. pathatic bogus service by LIC.

    Please let me know where to complain.

    • Please contact customer relations manager of your division for grievance redressal. You can get his phone number from nearest branch office.

  • Sir,
    i bought 2 lic 4 years ago, 1 for myself and 1 for my wife same time, i have received policy bond of my wife but my bond not yet received, please let me know how to get it,
    thank you

    • You can contact LIC Branch office to know what happened to your policy bond. If it is irrecoverably missing you can apply for a duplicate bond by providing an affidavit in stamp paper. Branch office will guide in this regard.

  • i want to upload the documents but failed so how to upload document for premium services

    • Please check the size of the documents uploaded.

  • hello sir i have tried so many time for uploading the documents but it always says failed to upload.even i checked the size and kept it less than 100 kb.becoz of this service request has expired 3 times.any suggestion.

    • At times there could be problem with LIC site. but if you are keeping the document size proper and the image is in jpeg format it should work. Please check it once again after keeping a gap of at least 2 days. If it is still not working let me know.

  • Can I change nominee online through lic portal

    • Nomination change is not allowed through LIC portal. You will have to visit the branch office.

  • I am also facing same issue as khemendra getting error as Fail, Your Digital KYC documents are not uploaded.

    • It could be a temporary problem. Please wait for a few days and try again. If the problem persists, please contact customer relations manager of your division whose number can be obtained from nearest branch office.

  • Hi sir I am trying to upload the document for lic premier service however it is failing every time. My file size is less than 100kb and the format is jpeg only. Kindly help me on this.

  • I am trying to upload my Digital KYC for premier services. Evrytime I upload, it gives me error “Your Digital KYC documents are not uploaded”. Please guide

  • i was tried to upload the document in jpeg format(< 100 kb). but it doesn't work.documents upoad fail.what shall i do?

    • Please try again after some time.

  • The link of upload for verification of Reg.Form and PAN is not working effectively in LIC premium service portal what should i do now?

    • It could be a temporary problem… Try after some time.

  • was tried to upload the document in jpeg format(< 100 kb). but it doesn't work.documents upoad fail.what shall i do?

    • I seems there is a bug in the process. Wait for LIC to rectify it. try after a day or two.

  • Still getting Error Message – “Your Digital KYC documents are not uploaded” when trying to upload documents for registering LIC Premium Services. Not sure when this gets resolved….

  • Hi Anish Sir,

    What is the fixed duration of processing the documents for activation of premier services after getting the status as publishing?How long should be waiting period ,beyond which we should not wait further?
    Thank you in advance,

  • Dear Sir,

    i have 4 policy in LIC but after implementation of new portal i am not able to create all four id and password, when i enter my policy details in portal after creation of one policy login id and password, at the time of second policy id creation portal was not accept my same mobile number and email id. its asking for enter new mobile number and new email id. how would it possible to provide new no and mail id every time. if you have any suggestion or idea please provide me. it would very much help full for me to create new id and password.

    waiting for your positive and prompt reply asap.

    • LIC portal approves only one ID per user. You can add all your other policy numbers to this ID using the option enroll policies. The very purpose of using the portal is to manage all your policies from a single user id. So enroll your other policies to the user id already created by you.

  • Hi sir, how long does it take to approver all the documents and enable service .. it said 4 working days when I uploaded the document but it already crossed the time that they mentioned also I didnt get any email when I raised a request or of publishing status. How to know in case of any issues. Would be great if you can provide some suggestions here.

    • Login to the portal and see if the premier services are enabled.

      • I have registered a month back for premier services but still I see ‘published’ status. Please tell me how long it takes to enable premier services.thanks . Kiran

        • As of now, You will have to wait and check back periodically to see if the premier services are enabled.

  • White enrolling for premier services, I am not able to download and print the form. Can you please help.

    • Please enable pop ups in your browser and try again.

  • If my aadhar and pan is updated in e services Lic portal. still need to link self policy to aadhar

    • Aadhaar seeding process will need manual submission of Aadhaar and PAN as of now. Aadhaar updated in eservices portal is not reflecting in the policy as of now. LIC may introduce a facility for that in the near future.


    • Address change option is not available under online mode through the portal.

  • Hi Team,

    I have registered my policy in “” portal , it was successfully registered and i am able to login into the portal. But when i try to enroll my policy for employer (Cognizant) in portal, it shows that i am not a registered user in customer portal. I have been trying to contact with LIC team for long time , but there is no response . Could you pls help me here ?

    Athira. A

    • Can you elaborate on the ‘policy for employer’. Is it your own policy.

  • I enrolled for the e-services, after few days i got the activation mail but when i click on that link it is saying the email is expired. What is the procedure to get new activation link.

    • Please check to see that e Services is already active or not.

  • Hey Anish
    Inspite of registering and getting confirmation for activation of Premier Services why the Policy & Proposal images cannot be viewed. (Error: Unable to connect to service.Please try again later)
    I have been trying since the last 4 days but get the same error message..Any idea what could be the issue

    • it could be a temporary problem. Please check after a week.

  • How many days to activate premier service registrations by LIC. As of now updated all the documents

    • It generally takes a couple of weeks for premier services to get activated.

  • Hi, what is the maximum loan amount I can apply for? Is it premium of my one month or the total amount I have paid till date?

    • There is no charge for using premier services. It is absolutely free…

  • Hi,
    I couldn’t to upload the form and pan copy for premier service. The file size is below as instructed 100KB and file format is JPEG. But it is not successfully uploaded. Please guide me to complete this.

    • Please try it again after a couple of days. Sometimes there could be some problems with the site.

  • Hi,
    I have registered for LIC Premier services. The application form and PAN copies are uploaded successfully and now the request status is PUBLISHED. What is next step to start using premier service?

    Thanking You,

    • Please wait for a week and check back to see whether it is approved.

  • Sir I am registered on eservice portal and I wrongly select male gender and I am female how to correct in my eservice portal

    • Normally if you select a wrong gender your e-service application will not get approved. Try correcting it in the profile section.

    • Hi,
      I have registered for LIC Premier services. The application form and PAN copies are uploaded successfully and now the request status is VALIDATE. What is next step to start using premier service?

      Thanking You,

      • Please wait a couple of days and check the status again. Please let me know if the status is not changing.

  • I have 6 policy in LIC, Can I get Loan Online by using Primer service without original bond submitting in branch

    • No.. Loan facility through premier service has not been implemented yet. You will have to physically submit the policy bond to the branch office to get a loan.

  • I am unable to generate the registration form at the time Premier Service registration. Everytime it says “Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later”.
    What should i do now ?

    • Try it after a few days and let me know.

  • I am trying to register for LIC premier services since 2 days but couldn’t able to complete. I am getting error message as “Unable to connect to the network, please try again later. Note: I have from different PC’s, browsers.

    • Wait a couple of days and try again. That could be a site error.

  • I have submitted Premier Service Request in LIC Customer Portal, which is showing as GENERATED under Status. But I am not able to access premier service. Please help.

    • Please wait for a week so that the processing shall be completed.

  • i want loan from lic is is possible online for first time loan apply

    • Loan cannot be taken by the online method as of now.

  • dear sir,

    I have registered for online premiere services on 19/12/2018 and the service request id is 181900131787 and the status still its showing published, I request your goodselves to kindly look into the matter and enable the premiere services to my account for which act of yours I shall be ever grateful. service requested for policy number 641878502 Master Kunal Kumar La(Child) (Komal Jeevan (Plan-159) inforce monthly instalment premium Rs. 641 and another policy number is 641878657 Sri Pradhyumna kumar Self The Money Back Policy- 20 Years (Plan -75) inforce installment premium is 562 and 647474502 H Pradhyumna Kumar Self Jeevan Varsh (Plan-196) fully paidup, the status is showing published but to my astonishment every time Iam getting a reply that no request is found, I request you sir to kindly look into the matter and enable my premire services

    H.Pradhyumna Kumar

    • It will some time to enable your premier services. Please check it after a couple of weeks.

  • Dear Sir or Madam,

    We consider a big mafia is working to kill LIC based on the present update of LIC portal and not able to pay premium for last 3 months.

    Every time I get a message, ‘Unable to connect to the network, please try again later.’!!!!!

    This is to help some private parties.

    Please inquire the background of this update.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    Philips Tharakan Mulackal

    • I am not aware of any such problem with the LIC website. At times there may be some problem with the networks. But it will work after a few minutes. A large number of people are using it to pay the premium without any problem. Please try it from another system if possible.

  • Sir,
    Is it possible to change nominee name through premier service?

    • Nomination change is not possible through premier service.

  • Hi,

    Can we apply loan online using premier service

    • No, You cannot apply for an online loan as you will have to physically submit the policy certificate to get a policy loan.

  • sir I am registered e services portal 5 days back but it is showing 0.00 in sum assured in dash board section of portal.It is to mention that i have purchased the policy 5 days back.

  • Can I change premium payment mode by primier service

    • Premium mode can be changed through branch office only. Not yet implemented in premier services..

  • I have registered self policy in premier service request successfully and then after add spouse policy. my spouse policy is not add in premier service request and no any new request generated for policy add in premier service request , so please tell me how can my spouse policy add in premier service request after i have already registered in this service.

    • A separate account has to be created for the spouse to access premier services. You cannot add it to your account.

  • How can i change Nominee from my all existing policy ? is it possible through online ?

    • You will have to approach the branch office to change the nominee of your policies. It is not possible online as of now.

  • I downloaded the form for Premier services. But after logging out am not getting the menu to upload the signed premier services form. what should I do

    • You should be logged in to submit the form. Please log in again an try once again.

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