Benefit and Maturity Calculator – LIC Jeevan Umang (T-845)

Benefit and Maturity Calculator – LIC’s Jeevan Umang (Plan-845) can help you to get a complete idea about the benefits of the plan. Enter parameters such as Age, Premium and Sum assured in the calculator and get complete details like Insurance Coverage, Premium payment, Maturity value, etc.

Jeevan Umang is one of the most popular insurance plan now available for sale from LIC of India. The reason behind the popularity of the plan includes the ‘life long, guaranteed tax-free income benefit‘, high whole life insurance coverage and the liquidity offered through the anytime surrender facility.

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Innovative benefits of Jeevan Umang Plan

As the plan is loaded with some innovative features and benefits, which are not available in other plans, it has gained popularity within a short period of time. The special features of the plan include,

Benefit and maturity calculator LIC's Jeevan Umang
  1. Special Surrender value – Helping to make the term flexible as per your needs.
  2. Paid-up Value Benefit – helpful if you have difficulty in paying the full premium.
  3. Guaranteed Survival Benefits – Helping to create a tax-free pension
  4. Bonus accruing to the policy, throughout the life. – Helping to increase risk cover every year till death.
  5. Critical Illness rider – Helping to tide over the high treatment cost of major illnesses.

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